What tools does the Bespoke Golfer Multitool have?

It has a magnetic pitch mark repairer, magnetic ball marker, pencil holder, groove cleaner, safety blade and pocket clip.

What size is the Bespoke Golfer Multitool?

The tool is 102mm x 50mm x 6mm. As the tool is only 6mm thick it fits flat in your pocket so will not get in the way of your swing.

What weight is the Bespoke Golfer Multitool?

10g - aluminium is super lightweight but extremely durable.

Is the Bespoke Golfer Multitool easily accessible in your pocket?

Yes, extremely! Using the pocket clip you can hook the tool on the inside of your pocket making your essential tools (ball marker, pitch mark repairer and pencil) accessible at the top of your pocket.

What material is the Bespoke Golfer Multitool produced from?

The tool is produced from aluminium with an anodised finish.

Can the safety blade be used to sharpen your pencil?

It can but do this with extreme care.