BG Multi

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We can't make you play better (trust me), but we can promise you a golf multitool which will last you a lifetime from a UK based independent business.

Have you ever dug around in your pockets looking for your golf tools, only to remember it's at home, left in another bag or a different pair of trousers? Even worse have you ever put your hand in your pocket to be greeted by your pencil or pitch mark repairer being jabbed under your fingernail?! 

Well, the BG Multitool allows you to conveniently store all your essential tools in one extremely compact, durable body. All our tools are produced from an aero grade aluminium alloy to be extremely lightweight, strong and last you a lifetime. With the use of the innovative pocket clip, you can have instant access to your most-used tools, ball marker, pitch mark repairer and pencil. If you need some extra spin, make sure you give your groove an excellent clean with the groove cleaner. We believe we have packed in your most essential tools for any round of golf into the world's most compact multitool.

The multitool consists of a magnetic ball marker, a magnetic pitch mark repairer, standard golf pencil holder, groove cleaner, safety blade and easy access pocket clip. The multitool is only 50mm x 102mm x 6mm and weighs only 10 grams allowing it to sit unobtrusively within your pocket all round.